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Testimonials for Artis Kakonge

While no one wishes to find themselves in a child custody case, I have been lucky to have been introduced to Mrs Kakonge who guided me through the process. Mrs Kakonge is knowledgeable, talented and trustworthy barrister who was very strategic and dedicated in defending my case. I was very impressed with Mrs Kakonge’s diligence, hard work and VERY prompt responses to my questions and the whole case in general. She took on my case the same day and spent over 2h after the working hours talking to me to understand my situation! Mrs Kakonge possesses a tireless work ethics and cares deeply about the one she represents. She is very respectful and treats you like a person, not a client. I hope I won’t have a child custody case again but if I do, I will choose only Mrs Kakonge.

A. V.

Highly respected and go to Counsel for all public/children related matters. Artis has an eye for detail and precision ensuing that a thorough approach is adopted on every case instructed. Nothing will be left to chance

Approachable counsel who will always give measured, realistic and sensitive advice, as well as robust representation.

Senior Childcare Solicitor, Local Government

Artis is a barrister who I would describe as dedicated, diligent and thorough. She is proactive in her preparation, with an eye for detail; well informed and up to date with the Family Law. Artis has proved herself to be very approachable but make no mistake she fights her corner and clients are comforted by her approach. She provides, reassurance, understanding, explanation and guidance. She gets results.

Gillie Lizra, Partner, Sweetman, Burke & Sinker Solicitors

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