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Testimonials for Dessy Nascimento

See what our clients think about Dessy Nascimento.

Such a whirlwind experience for me, I feel so mentally exhausted today but relieved it is a positive outcome. You were on point with your words to me from the beginning of this experience, especially to someone who has never gotten in trouble with the law. I was not prepared for such an experience in a foreign country with a different system and protocol, I could not dream to become an expert, I needed someone, an Attorney who knew what he was doing and I found it in you. Thank you for all the knowledge you gave through your counsel, I appreciate you a lot. David the world needs you right where you are, you impact so many peoples lives daily thank you.

You certainly Rock and so does your Firm and all connected with you CLK LEGAL ROCKS – New York vibes…

S. C.

Our Representatives at CLK Legal Services: John King (Barrister) Dessy Nacimento (Solicitor) and David Foreman (Senior Clerk) has made a lasting impression in the way they handled my legal case.

I have been a customer of CLK Legal Services for one and a half years. They provided me with valuable information to improve my case in the way I thought was not possible.

I was allowed to make decisions and CLK was a big factor in making sure that I had a real say in what was going on. CLK gave me the best advice and key points during my case which went in my favour.

I would highly recommend CLK Legal Services.

J. P.

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